The Wallis Cutts Group operate a number of divisions providing services in -:


Facilities Management – We offer our clients an intelligent cloud based software solution which is designed with you in mind, to help you manage your organization’s facilities more effectively and efficiently. With a variety of FM automation tools at your disposal, you can save on maintenance costs by utilizing technology that manages day-to-day businesses functions.


Building Services Engineering – We provide a wide range of bespoke mechanical & electrical engineering solutions to reduce operating costs without impacting on your objectives to totally ensure your development’s compliance.


Renewable Energy Technologies – With an ever-increasing awareness of climate change and threats to the environment that will affect all aspects of our lives, renewable energy has the potential to transform the entire landscape of your business and even the UK industry as a whole, and by weaning your business off non-renewables such as oil and gas, renewable energy will futureproof your business for your energy supplies and minimise against possible crises such as outages and supply shortages. 


Energy Management & Procurement Service – We can assist your business with a number of key energy procurement services to enable you to reduce your costs including strategy so you can make an informed decision to determine your risk management and energy pricing policy. This includes a structured procurement process specific your business requirements such as bill validation, carbon reduction management, HH metering and independent advice and support


Wallis Cutts is an independently owned company which gives access to a range of complimenting services which share common goals in solving the challenges that our clients face on a daily basis.