Voltage Optimisation is possibly one of the most contentious energy reduction technologies on the market today, but hopefully it takes a step out of the shadows this week with the publication of the Energy Managers Associations ‘Buyers Guide to Voltage Optimisation’ and an introduction to the Voltage Optimisation Council for Excellence or ‘VOICE’.

Voltage Optimisation may have a poor reputation, but the energy savings achieved through reducing voltage are accepted, proven and largely unchallenged – the problem is often not voltage optimisation itself but the way in which has been historically been sold, applied or measured.

At the request of Lord Redesdale and the Energy Managers Association, We have established the Voltage Optimisation Industry Council for Excellence. ‘VOICE’ is a technology agnostic body that plans to set out a much needed code of practice, savings guidelines and a much needed code of conduct for all member companies. We are already working on the next VOICE publications which will include a savings guide for consumers (covering many types of fittings including LED) and VO implementation guidance.

VOICE members currently include Bowers Electricals, Claude Lyons, e-fficient energy, iVolt, SDC Industries, Watford Control & Wilson Power Solutions. Each company is represented by a Director on our board. We are also keen to hear from any UK based manufacturer of Voltage Optimisation or Management technology that wishes to join us.

The Buyers Guide (the product of our collaboration with the Energy Managers Association) is being made available at the Energy Managers Exhibition on the 19th/20th November 2014 and will then be available for download from the EMA or Wallis Cutts websites or any of the member companies listed above. VOICE also has its own website  ‘www.voice-vostandards.com‘ where all our future publications will be hosted.

If you would like to know more please email info@voice-vostandards.com or call 0844 585 3043

written by Andrew Hawley – Chairman of Wallis Cutts Group and Founder of VOICE

18th November 2014